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This is Hope Development And Relief Foundation

Welcome to Hope Development And Relief Foundation,, where it's made  possible for the underprivileged in the society (Orphan children, children living with disability, families living and or experiencing abject poverty) to receive scholarships
To get the youths and other underprivileged members of the society involved in agricultural activities. 
To carry out health campaigns and rendering supports to children and women who needs medical care.
To run vocational training centres  to train youths on skills that will make them self-reliant 
To equally orientate the youths and other underprivileged members of the society to embark on income –generating activities.
To carry out all sort of income generating activities.
To improve the capacity of other non-governmental organisation through technical, material and/or financial assistance, as long as these organisations also further the objectives of HODERF

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We are out to restore hope and develope our minds,society and enviroment



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